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The Process

How it all works

Over the last 10+ years we have been refining our ozone process to ensure that we have amazing results and that you are satisfied.

Here is what you can expect when you book Aurora Ozone for a treatment

Step 1

Call us for a no-nonsense quotation, we will ask you the necessary questions to provide you with a flat rate quote (no surprise charges). Some info you can have for us is the following

  • How big (sq footage) is the home?
  • What type of smell are you dealing with
  • What level of remediation you have completed (Renovations etc)
  • Location of the home
  • When you need the treatment completed

We have all the experience needed to provide a pre-treatment analysis through the phone so no site visit is needed

Prior to Ozone treatment

Before the treatment time, please ensure the following if possible

  • Walls are washed (if we are dealing with cigarette/other residue)
  • All pets, humans and plants are removed from the premises
  • Be ready to be out of the home for 24 hours
  • Furnace fan turned on to circulate (We can also complete this step if there is a furnace fan)
  • Furnace ducts are clean

This is all the prep to complete prior to ozone treatment.

The Aurora Ozone treatment

The day comes for your home to be Ozone treated

We will circulate ozone throughout the entire home to ensure a complete home treatment. The treatment is generally 8 hours + overnight degassing time and requires no entry for the next 24 hours from when we begin.

We will keep you updated when the process is complete and provide you with a receipt

After the Ozone is complete, you will most likely smell Ozone for a while afterwards. Over time the ozone will turn back into oxygen and you should have no residual smells.

We cannot enter the property during the ozone, so you may find some painters tape and some vent covers removed

Contact us if you have any further questions!