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Frequently Asked Questions – Aurora Ozone treatment


What is Ozone?

Ozone is created naturally by supercharging oxygen, Ozone only stays for a limited amount of time and then turns back into oxygen


Can I breathe Ozone?

No. High concentrations of Ozone are quite dangerous and can make you sick. Ensure adequate de-gassing time before re-entering the treated area. We typically suggest that no one enter the property for 24 hours after we start the treatment.

In some cases ozone is circulated more effectively in some properties, creating a higher concentration and a longer de-gas time. To speed up ozone degassing process after 24 hours, open windows and increase the temperature in the home (Heat increases the speed in which ozone turns back into oxygen)


How does your process work?

See our process page!


Why are Aurora Ozone Treatments so quick?

Aurora Ozone uses the most advanced Ozone technology on the market, each Ozone Generator produces Ozone at 9% concentration by wt.

Whereas other systems currently used produce Ozone at 1% concentration by wt. or less

Simply put, out 30 grams per hour of Ozone produced by Aurora Ozone Generators, 90% is pure Ozone compared to the other systems, which out of 10 grams per hour produced, only maybe 10% produced is actual pure Ozone (May vary slightly)

So Aurora Ozone is producing 27 grams per hour into the treatment area and the other systems are producing 1 gram per hour of Ozone into the treatment area. This means that Aurora Ozone will have a treatment time which is 27 times faster


What do I need to do prior to Ozone Treatment

Make sure the following is complete prior to Ozone treatment:

Remove pets and plants – Anything that can breathe!

Make sure vents are open and furnace fan is on if your furnace has that option

Open cabinets

Make sure any source of the odor is removed – Walls cleaned or painted, floors cleaned etc.- Contact us for more info about this


Does Aurora Ozone Guarantee Odour Removal?

Yes, as long as the source of the odour is removed. Ozone cannot penetrate surfaces, for example… if pet urine is soaked into the walls/baseboards/concrete.. the Ozone will remove the odour initially.. but once the Ozone has left the area, the odour should return.

The most effective way to ensure the source of the odor is removed to wash the walls (With a formula such as TSP), paint with sealant paint (We have heard that Killz works well) and seal the concrete with sealant coating. In severe cases when the ozone still doesn’t work, drywall and sub flooring may need to be removed (Mostly found in pet urine situations)


Will Ozone affect paintings, electronic, fabrics etc.?

No, ozone will not affect personal computers, fabrics or paintings. The concentrations are not high enough even during shock treatments for long periods of time.


Will Ozone remove stains and nicotine build up?

No, Ozone will clean the air.. It wont remove nicotine build up. Make sure to wash all surfaces with TSP (This is usually all you have to do if it is a faint odor) and use sealant paint in cases when the cigarette odor is incredibly strong


Are there any chemicals involved in the Ozone Treatment?

Nope! We are as sick of chemicals as you are. Ozone turns right back into oxygen after the treatment is complete

Aurora Ozone Services

We provide Ozone treatment – insanely high ozone concentrations to remove odors from the air in your home/rental property/listing

We currently just offer Ozone treatments for Single Family homes, Duplexes, Townhouses, Condos (Not all condos), 4plexes. Great for landlords, realtor friendly as well (Keybox access)

We do Edmonton and surrounding areas such as: St, Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan. We can also do smaller towns too if within a certain range

We are proud to say that we are using 100% designed and manufactured here in Edmonton. We love local!

About booking

No, we just need to acquire a key and garage door opener (if applicable). We put the keys in an agreed to place after the treatment is complete

It depends on our scheduling, typically 2-3 days notice is needed. We can do earlier if our schedule allows for it

We take Cash, E-transfer and Credit Card (Credit card fee applicable)