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The Aurora Ozone Process

Aurora Ozone Process – Explained


Make sure prior to Ozone treatment that all the walls, ceilings and Cabinets have been washed thoroughly. Carpets steam cleaned (Or in certain circumstances… Removed) Ozone only breaks down odor molecules, It does not clean residue off of surfaces. In case of cigarettes, if the smell is faint, simply washing the walls and roof with TSP and steam cleaning the carpets should be the only thing needed prior to ozone. If the cigarette smell is strong enough to make you sick, wash the walls with TSP, paint the walls and ceilings with Killz sealant paint and replace the carpets prior to ozone.

Prior to initiating the Ozone Sanitization Treatment Process we MUST ensure that all People, Pets and Plants are removed from the premises. (Plants may be contained in plastic to resist exposure to Ozone) Nothing else on the premises will be harmed by the process, in fact, all soft surfaces, clothing, furniture, draperies, etc… exposed to Ozone will be sanitized and deodorized.

Note: Your food will not be harmed. In fact Ozone is approved as a food additive/ preservative and is commonly used for water purification.

Ensure that the Furnace fan in the home is set to recirculate, we can also do this as part of the setup as long as your thermostat is straight forward to use

Our Process

Set up time for Ozone system is approx. 30 minutes, you do not need to be home for the setup or for any of the ozone treatment time. We can meet you after the ozone treatment or drop the key in a secure location. An added bonus with Aurora Ozone is that we have supra keybox access. So most likely if your home is listed on the market, you wont even have to meet us

  • We then initiate the Ozone Sanitization Treatment process, start the equipment, exit and secure the premises.
  • The Aurora Ozone Sanitization Treatment elevates Ozone levels to the point of being very hazardous to humans. Entrance into the space being treated is Strictly Prohibited. Only a Certified Ozone Technician observing Appropriate Safety Precautions, a certified breathing apparatus and Knowledge of the effects of Ozone at these elevated levels may enter the premises prior to the completion of the sanitation process.
  • We ensure that Ozone is distributed throughout the ventilation system to enhance distribution and ensure any chemicals and/or microorganisms and contaminants in the ductwork are broken down and eliminated. Note: this process does not remove actual dust or particles from the ventilation system or premises.

After Treatment

  • Please ensure the home sits empty for as long as we let you know (Generally 12 hrs. but if you enter the property and the ozone smell is really strong and bothersome.. let the home sit for longer with the windows open)
  • A clean, fresh smell like that after a Thunder/Lightning storm will be noticeable for approximately 48-72 hours then there should no lingering odor. If there is a lingering ozone odor, higher heat in the home can assist in breaking down Ozone
  • Be sure a new filter(s) are available to install when the Treatment Process is complete to ensure the odor does not return