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Aurora Ozone Odor Removal

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The Process

An in-depth dive into our Aurora Ozone treatment for Edmonton and Area

We have a wealth of knowledge which will assist us to determine the effectiveness of an Aurora Ozone shock treatment on your property

On the day of the treatment, we show up and complete the Ozone treatment in a timely manner. Typically the thermostat should just be set on recirculate and all the vents in the home to be opened

Note: Be sure a new filter(s) are available to install when the Aurora Ozone treatment process is complete to ensure the odor does not return

We ensure that Ozone is distributed throughout the ventilation system to enhance distribution and ensure any chemicals and/or microorganisms and contaminants in the ductwork are broken down and eliminated.

Note: this process does not remove actual dust or particles from the ventilation system or premises.

Ensure all cabinet doors, drawers, and closet doors are open and that seat cushions and mattresses are set on edge to ensure ultimate exposure to Ozone.

Prior to initiating the Ozone Sanitization Treatment Process we MUST ensure that all People, Pets and Plants are removed from the premises. (Plants may be contained in plastic to resist exposure to Ozone) Nothing else on the premises will be harmed by the process, in fact, all soft surfaces, clothing, furniture, draperies, etc… exposed to Ozone will be sanitized and deodorized.

Note: Your food will not be harmed. In fact Ozone is approved as a food additive/ preservative and is commonly used for water purification.

Set up time for Ozone system is 15-20 minutes,

We then initiate the Ozone Sanitization Treatment process, start the equipment, exit and secure the premises
During the Ozone Sanitization Treatment We will be at the premises to ensure no one enters.

The Aurora Ozone Sanitization Treatment elevates Ozone levels to the point of being very hazardous to humans. Entrance into the space being treated is Strictly Prohibited. Only a Certified Ozone Technician observing Appropriate Safety Precautions, a certified breathing apparatus and Knowledge of the effects of Ozone at these elevated levels may enter the premises prior to the completion of the sanitation process.

This Ventilation process takes approximately 6-7 hours. After this time, the area should be safe to re-enter. People, Pets and Plants are allowed back into the home or business.

A clean, fresh smell like that after a Thunder/Lightning storm will be noticeable for approximately 24-48 hours then there should no lingering odor.

The Normal Treatment time required for this process is 7-8 hours depending on the degree of contamination, Cubic feet of Air in the space and the design of the premises to be treated. However, in severe cases a longer treatment time may be required.