Ozone Equipment

Ambient Ozone GAS Monitor

Ozone Monitor

  • Real time detecting environment ozone gas temperature & humidity detection
  • Wall mount with LCD display
  • Provide one on/off dry contact relay output to control an ozone generator or a fan
  • Provide an analog output with a linear over full range output
  • Provide RS485 interface to PC or other DDC
  • Strong function - High performance - Low price

Gas detected: Ozone Gas

Sensing Element: 'Made-In-Switzerland' Electrochemical Ozone Cell Sensor

Temperature Sensor: NTC

Humidity Sensor: HS Series Capacitive Sensor

Power Supply: 24VAC/24VDC

Ozone Measuring Range: 0-5000ppb (0.00 ~ 5ppm)


Green - ozone level < 1500ppb

Yellow - 1500ppb < ozone level < 3500ppb

Red - 3500ppb < ozone level

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