About The Ozone Revolution

Who We Are

Aurora Ozone is a company designed based on the specialization of Ozone, we simply provide Ozone treatment.. We leave home inspections to the experts.

Whether your buying or selling property, odours can be a real bother. Some clients will not even step inside a house or buy a vehicle if there is a lingering odour.

Aurora Ozone services are perfect for anywhere that odour removal could be required.

History & Evolution

This company was started since there is a lack of effective Ozone treatments currently being done on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aurora Ozone

In short, because we will provide you with the most effective odor removal in the fastest amount of time, For a reasonable price.

Whilst we focus mainly on Real Estate, Rental Properties and Vehicles..

Our technology does not know any application limitations. If your concern is not listed on our website, pleaseĀ Email us. We will be glad to talk about your smell issues. We are here to make your business flow quicker, so call now and let our team at Aurora Ozone help you. You will be glad you did!

Our Mission

Our Mission is quite simple, make commercial ozone treatments affordable and to ensure everyone gets the fastest and most effective odour removal possible.

Odour Removal Edmonton

100% Environmentally Friendly Odour Removal

Fastest Ozone Treatment Edmonton

Ensure we are using the best technology available

Odour Removal Edmonton

Results - We won't be satisfied until we obtain the desired results


Our Ethics & Values

We value each and every one of our clients, so we ensure that each treatment is done up to our standard

  • Honest, scientific answers to all questions
  • Most Advanced Technology on the market
  • We always reach high concentrations of Ozone in the home or vehicle