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Aurora Ozone is revolutionizing odour removal in Edmonton with the highest concentration Ozone equipment designed and manufactured in Alberta!

We use the Ozone Generators which produces the highest concentration ozone output on the market, this means that Ozone treatments are faster and more effective than ever... We can treat an average size house in 3-4 hours. + degas time

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Its all about Ozone Machine Power!


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Real Estate Odour Removal Edmonton
Aurora Ozone for Professionals

With so many applications, Aurora Ozone Treatments are perfect for Realtors, Landlords, Car Rental/Leasing Companies and anyone looking for odour removal!

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Environmentally Friendly Odour Removal Edmonton
100% Environmentally Friendly

Ozone is simply activated oxygen, once the ozone has removed the odour, it turns right back into oxygen. No Residue or lingering odour

Ozone Shock Treatment Edmonton
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Aurora Ozone uses the most innovative Ozone equipment on the market to ensure top results

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Important Note About Ozone Shock Treatment - The source of any odour must be removed before ozone treatment. If the smell source is not removed (e.g. garbage, mold, etc.), no amount of ozone can eliminate these odours completely. The treatment areas must also be properly cleaned for ozone shock treatment to work properly.

Why Choose Us

In short, because we will provide you with the following benefits

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Considerably Stronger Ozone Treatment
  • Affordable Prices
  • Wealth of Ozone knowledge
  • Quicker Results

Aurora Ozone, just wanted to say thanks, Smoked in my car for 3 years and now smells better than new!

Jackie Stewart — Kennedy Real Estate

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Effective solution to any odour removal, Get your air fresh

Stop waiting to deal with any odour, make your nose happy.. Have your home smelling better than new